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Chartered Certified Project Manager Certifications

AAPM ®  American Academy of Certified Project Managers ® USA - Certifying Board The AAPM ® Project Management Certification Board is AAPM ® Board of Standards - TUV Accredited and ISO 9001 Certified for Quality and ISO 29990 Certified for Training. CIPM Certified International Project Manager ®  and Master Project Manager ® are Registered Trademarks Internationally




Higher Education and Academic Committee and PM Executives and Consultants 

Dominique R. Leroux, AAPM Member B.S. E-business - Solution Advisor Huntington College
Amer Shahzad, CEC, PME, MPM, CIPM, CSA - Executive E-Com and Project Management - Karachi
Sanjoy Chatterjee, MPM - New Delhi - India
Guyverson Vernous, AAPM Member, CPAH Port au Prince CEO E-STRAT Consulting
Ryan Avila, MPM, CIPM San Antonio, TX USA US Government
David Coger, MPM, CIPM - Ohio, USA
Hon. Mike Lam, MBA, AAPM Member, UK Chartered marketer of Chartered Institute of Marketing and a fellow member of Hong Kong Institute of Marketing.

Dale Mancini, PhD, MPM - Michigan Executive
Brenda Joyyner, PhD Entrepreneurship Professor
Hon. Tim Burzs, JD, MBA, CPA, AAPM Member Professional Speaker and Author and State Representative
Lloyd Bumanglag, MPM, CIPM - Project Management California
Larry Flegle, AAPM Member, CSE, DBA, MFP AAFM, Georgia E-Commerce Professor
Jacky W.H. Hau, CIPM
Thomas Daniel, MPM - Texas PM
Michael Mutkus, MPM - Virginia
Kate Finstad, AAPM Member - Director of Lakeland College Online Wisconsin
Paskell Berry, MPM, CIPM - Ohio USA
MOHAMMAD AZEEM IHSAN SHEIKH, E-Business Consultant Saudi Arabia
Amr Selim, AAPM Member eBusiness Executive, Manama Kingdom of Bahrain
Lee (Eileen) Carter York University Faculty Ontario, Canada
Saif-Ur-Rehman, AAPM Member IISPak President IAAPM MemberC Pakistan Chapter
Raj Kumar Prasad AAPM Member e-commerce and ebusiness executive and editor New Delhi, India
Victor Angsono Hautama, AAPM Member Malaysia MCSD, MCSE, MCDBA, MCT, CEA, CEP, and CEI.
Dean Richard Whiitside, PhD, FAEA, AAPM Member (Honorary)
Wing Fook, PhD US and China (Honorary)
Gary Harris, AAPM Member Proptions E-Commerce Executive Florida
Denise Easton, AAPM Member - President of ULiveandLearn.com
Judge Henry A. Mentz, Jr. US Federal District Judge Retired Honorary Member (Dec. 2005)
Sue Kavli, AAPM Member - Brevard College, North Carolina
Stamos T. Karamouzis, Ph.D., AAPM Member Computer Information Systems US and Athens, Greece
Dr. Dennis Kozakoff, AAPM Member, Executive of Devry Institute of Technology
Dr. James Young, AAPM Member, Executive with American Intercontinental University
Kevin Bauer, AAPM Member Marketing Management, Dusseldorf, Germany
Donna L. Matthews, AAPM Member, MBA
Rainer Vogel, AAPM Member Germany E-Commerce Executive
Chris Black, AAPM Member San Jose, California Programming Web Developent Executive
Steven Pierre , AAPM Member Honeywell Graphic Design, Colorado Springs & Denver
Richard Lucore, Ph.D, AAPM Member
Melody Treece Vargas, AAPM Member
Cory O'Neil, AAPM Member British Columbia e-Learning
Skip Green, AAPM Member Florida E-Learning Executive
Angela Lovett, AAPM Member WorldWideLearn.COM
Ted Tederoff, AAPM Member, P.Eng, CNE, MCSE, A+ Technical Editor & e-Journalism
Sheryl Okash, AAPM Member Program Director of E Business, Bellevue University, Bellevue, NE
Dr. Gregg Ramsey, AAPM Member Director of Online Services, Capitol College, Laurel, MD
Wallace K. Pond, Ph.D., AAPM Member Chief Academic Officer, Education America Online, Denver, CO
Kenton Walker, PhD, AAPM Member Director Center for E-Business U. of Wyoming
Joseph A. Grace Jr., AAPM Member Technology Councils USA
Dr. Dean MacDonnel, AAPM Member
Alfred L. Kahl, PhD, AAPM Member Internet Business Consultant Canada, Faculty University of Maryland
Godfrey Makau, MBA, AAPM Member, Kenya Africa, Faculty Kenyatta University
Khalid AL-Khaeb, AAPM Member Bahrain E-Commerce Executive and Middle East Authority
Riaz Uddin Ahmed, AAPM Member Ecommerce Professional Pakistan
B. Tim Lowder AAPM Member Winthrop University Academic Member
Salah ElKashef, AAPM Member Business Development Director eCommerce Center (eCC) Egypt
Clint Sheraton, AAPM Member South African E-Business Manager Old Mutual Business School
Mitchell Levy, AAPM Member E-Business CEO and Professional Speaker San Jose, California
Derek Stiver, AAPM Member Indiana E-Commerce Consultant
Curtis Williams, AAPM Member Richmond Virginia E-Commerce Consultant
Matthew Smith, AAPM Member Portland Maine E-Business Consultant
Shawn Perry, AAPM Member California E-Commerce Consulting and Training
M. Sridhar, AAPM Member Bahrain Middle East E-Commerce Consultant
Sh. Tariq, AAPM Member Great Britain E-Commerce Executive
Eileen Mulvey, AAPM Member New Haven Connecticut E-Business Executive
Michael Lasiaine, AAPM Member Houston Texas E-Commerce Executive
James Miller, PMP, AAPM Member Allen Texas E-Commerce Executive www.pmd-corp.com
Kamal Siddiqi, AAPM Member Karachi E-Commerce Executive
Gary Harris , AAPM Member Florida E-Commerce Executive
Derek Gamlyn , AAPM Member Washington State E-Business Consultant
David Corbin, AAPM Member Florida E-Business Specialist
William Hamilton, AAPM Member Key West and Miami Florida E-Business Consultant
Robert Rice, AAPM Member McLean, Virginia E-Commerce Executive
Ronald Brown, AAPM Member California E-Commerce Consultant
Robert Jacobson, AAPM Member Montana E-Commerce Consultant
V. Mamedaliev, AAPM Member New York E-Commerce Consultant
Enrique Coleman, AAPM Member Los Angeles E-Commerce Consultant
Duncan M Campbell, AAPM Member Staford Virginia E-Commerce Consultant
Michael T. Graves, AAPM Member US Military E-Commerce Consultant
M. Q. Dahyan, AAPM Member San Diego E-Commerce Consultant
Clive Palmer, AAPM Member Mass and New England E-Commerce Consultant
Brad Kellock, AAPM Member Ontario Canada E-Commerce Consultant
James Barnes, AAPM Member Gen. Dynamics E-Commerce Consultant
Michael T. Graves, AAPM Member
Hubertus Von Drabich, AAPM Member, MBA
Dr. Lincoln B. S. Rosa, PhD, CompTIA ITProject+ SME, AAPM Member, IEC Fellow, MCSE+Internet, System Architect at EDS do Brasil EDSEletronic Data Systems do Brasil
Dr. J. Barnes PhD Marketing
Kenneth Tai, AAPM Member Malaysia Liaison
Luis Miguel Martins, AAPM Member Portugal Relations
Bruno Medeiros, AAPM Member Companhia Própria
Luis Ferreira, AAPM Member Companhia Própria President
Grant Robertson, AAPM Member Murdoch University Australia
Jaime Manzanera, AAPM Member Paginas.net South American and Columbian Relations
Prajay Gandhi, AAPM Member Egypt E-Commerce Center
Brent Lightner, AAPM Member President Taoti Enterprises International, http://www.taoti.com
Mr. Arman Sarang - E-commerce executive KLM Saudi Arabia. KLM Saudi Arabia
Sean Young CIO K ahn G authier
Director Abraham Pang, AAPM Member Mindtheme Consulting Hong Kong
Dia Ghaly, AAPM Member Executive Officer, Wadi Holdings SAE
David Easlick, AAPM Member, JD, MBA Executive Director DKE ORG
Victor Angsono Huatama, AAPM Member
Jamie Pride, AAPM Member California E-Business Management
Marina Law, AAPM Member E-Business Executive Malaysia
Dr. Alla Al Sarabi, AAPM Member E-Business Executive
Dr. Salem Abdalla Helles, AAPM Member E-Business Executive
Sami Barakat, AAPM Member E-Business Executive
Dr. Mustafa Saleh El-haj-ali, AAPM Member E-Business Executive
Dr. Samir Ahmad Abuznaid
Ali Nemer Al Mattlan, AAPM Member E-Business Executive
Nashmi Abu 3yada, AAPM Member E-Business Executive
Fadi Abdul Hameed, AAPM Member E-Business Executive
Ihab Hassan Abu Shaban, AAPM Member E-Business Executive
Zoheb Babar, AAPM Member E-Commerce Specialist, Lahore, Pakistan
Mohammad Abbas Almasry, AAPM Member Egypt
Asif Hassan, AAPM Member www.eliance.com
Ayman Abd EL-Rahim, AAPM Member Jordan e-Business Consultant
Ghassan Omar Shahin, AAPM Member Information Systems Professor
S. Shahzad Raza, AAPM Member - Engineer Premier Systems (Pvt) Ltd.
Mohammed Abutaa, AAPM Member Middle East E-commerce Consultant
Henry Chiang, AAPM Member Hong Kong
Mr. Khaled Al Khasib, AAPM Member Ebusiness Manager Middle East
Larkland Morley, AAPM Member E-Business Consultant, Ottawa, Canada
Syed A. Rizvi, MPM, CIPM - Project Executive - Kuwait Petroleum * Honorary Advisor
Wing Yeng Andrew LEE, CPE Certified Planning Engineer - Australia * Honorary Global Advisor

IT and eBusiness PM Committee

Jensen Sim Su Hing, AAPM Member Solution Consultant - www.insynchro.net -Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia
Rajnish Malhotra AAPM Member NET4India.Net
Ryan Stohlquist, AAPM Member Colorado E-Business Consultant and Designer Stohlquist.com
Louis Provenzano, AAPM Member Houston Texas Marketing Executive
Sanjit Chatterjee AAPM Member
Sugato Das AAPM Member
Ramesh Natarajan AAPM Member
Charanjit Singh AAPM Member
Navjot Singh AAPM Member
Vinod Gupta AAPM Member
Iqbal Gandham AAPM Member
Desi Valli AAPM Member
Uday Sondhi AAPM Member
Steven Pierre, AAPM Member
Ginger Noah, AAPM Member Web Producer and Designer picklejuice.com
Chris Black, AAPM Member San Jose California Programmer Designer and Consultant www.nexxusi.com
Stephanie Davis, AAPM Member e-Business Consulting
Todd Swank, AAPM Member
Thomas Kubina, AAPM Member Germany
Andrew Kapp, AAPM Member Pensylvania
Diaa Youssef Ghaly, AAPM Member Egypt
Terry Hawryluk, AAPM Member Valdor Canada
A.B. Subhani, AAPM Member Texas
Edward R Puskas Jr, AAPM Member Lakewood, Colorado
Paul E. Petruccelli, AAPM Member Quincy, MA USA
Chan Che Hong Bruce, AAPM Member Kawloon, Hong Kong
Serge Suponitskiy, AAPM Member New Jersey
Faisal C. Abala, AAPM Member UAE
Lizbeth W Saracene, AAPM Member Rochester, NY
Khaldoun Aboul Saoud, AAPM Member Saudi Arabia
Audrey Lawe-Lavrut, AAPM Member Milton Keynes Great Britain
Wong Sai Cheong, AAPM Member Price Waterhouse Hong Kong
Rosemond Pradel, AAPM Member Port of Prince, Haiti
Tammy R. Kilgore, AAPM Member Black Diamond, Washington, USA
Douglas A Watkins Jr , AAPM Member Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania
Izzati Bin Iznan, AAPM Member MY
Earl C Rennie, AAPM Member Trinadad

Charter Membership Committee

Muhammad Arshi Wasique, AAPM Member
Steven St. Martin, JD, AAPM Member
Jeff Jenkins, AAPM Member E-Commerce Consulting, Silicon Valley New York
Eric Holden, JD, AAPM Member Business Law and Risk Management, Chicago
Stephanie Ettinger, AAPM Member E-Commerce Consulting, San Francisco California Advisor
Tim Sullivan , AAPM Member Internet Management and Consulting, California
Hillery Murphy, JD, LLM, AAPM Member Risk Management and Law and Technology, Alabama
Ben Perez, AAPM Member Information Technology Marketing and Operations Executive, Southeastern US
Jared Tippets, AAPM Member e-Business Development Executive
Kelvin Cho, AAPM Member E-Commerce Executive AAPM Member On Site Training Asia
Khalid AL-Khaeb, AAPM Member Bahrain E-Commerce Executive
Shawn Perry, AAPM Member Internet Executive and Manager
Saptoyo Soemampauw, AAPM Member US Government E-Business Manager
Lois M. Taffar, AAPM Member Michigan E-Commerce Executive
Sean Miller, AAPM Member El Paso Internet Executive and E-Business Manager
Brian Guanzon, AAPM Member Surrey Canada E-Commerce Executive
Jonathan Mercadel, AAPM Member E-Commerce Executive
Sami Barakat, AAPM Member Middle East Internet Executive
Brad Kellock, AAPM Member Ontario Canada E-Commerce Professional and Executive
Michael A. Lasaine, AAPM Member Houston Texas E-Commerce and Internet Manager and Executive
Kamal Y. Siddiqi, AAPM Member Pakistan E-Commerce Specialist
Michael Hoffman AAPM Member eBusiness Consultant LA
Marketing and Public Relations and Journalism 
Neven Senek, AAPM Member Dublin Ireland e-Commerce and e-Business Marketing Manager
Aaron Ellisor , AAPM Member Media, Marketing, and PR, Houston, TX Marion Graphics Advertising
Teri Elliott , MEd., AAPM Member, Marketing Executive, Texas
Scott Kashman, AAPM Member Chicago, IL Internet Executive
Richard Storms, CICC, JD, e-legal Counsel Software
Kenneth E. Purcell, AAPM Member, CEO of iSeatz.com
David Rose, AAPM Member Corporate Media Associates Executive, Australia and UK
Ben Schoenfeld, AAPM Member
Bill Balderaz, AAPM Member Strategic Alliances and Business Strategy
Gina Trevisan, Business Content Editor ITtoolbox.com
Anne Martinez, AAPM Member Author of Get Certified and Get Ahead and Executive at GoCertify.com
Kimberly Kelly, AAPM Member Consulting Manager Crimson-Consulting.com
Anca Westley, AAPM Member PR IRR United Arab Emirates On Site Training in Dubai
Shahbaz A Tahir, AAPM Member UAE Executive
Ms. Rooma Para, AAPM Member Pakistan
Global E-Commerce Computer Online Training Membership Advisory Board 
Dean Patrick O'Brien, Ph.D., AAPM Member Economics Jesuit Universities United States
Dr. Samer Barakat, AAPM Member Middle East President and Liaison AAPM Member On Site Training in the Middle East
F. Prestwood, MBA, AAPM Member, Management, Asian Relations
N. Christiana, AAPM Member, Italian Relations
Louis Petiti, AAPM Member, Management, French Relations
Tom McDaniels , MBA, AAPM Member, New York, Management
Marcel Reutchland, AAPM Member, Swiss Relations
Jamie Lindler , JD, AAPM Member, Federal Law, South Carolina
Chuck Jenks , Officer Ret., AAPM Member, Washington, D.C. Public Relations and Journalism
Dan Petno , U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington, D.C.;
Diana Rodriguez , Human Resources Executive, Washington, D.C.;
Lisa Mills , American Bankers Association, Washington, D.C.;
Gina Dinicolo , Public Relations, Washington, D.C.;
Darlene Bothner , Health Care Executive, Washington, D.C.
Dr. Oswald Siu, AAPM Member (Head, Division of Commerce, City University of Hong Kong and
Visiting Professor (Hon), Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, Heillongjiang, PRC)
Dr. Kokin Lam, AAPM Member , Division of Commerce, City University of Hong Kong (Principal Lecturer)
Mr. C. N. Lo, AAPM Member , Division of Commerce, City University of Hong Kong (Senior Lecturer)
Dr. Francis Yue, AAPM Member, Division of Commerce, City University of Hong Kong(Senior Lecturer)
Ms. Pamela Chan, AAPM Member, Division of Commerce, City University of Hong Kong
Mr. Paul Chan, AAPM Member,Division of Commerce, City University of Hong Kong
Mr. Y O Lam, AAPM Member, Division of Commerce, City University of Hong Kong
Ms. Daisy Li, AAPM Member ,Division of Commerce, City University of Hong Kong
Mr. Lawrence Ma, AAPM Member, Division of Commerce, City University of Hong Kong
Dr. Edward Wong, AAPM Member, Division of Commerce, City University of Hong Kong
Joseph A. Grace, Jr. US Technology Councils Executive
T. Burns, JD, CPA, AAPM CEC Member
Calvin H. Hiraoka, AAPM Member
D. Figueredo, AAPM Member Technology Executive
Kartikey U Trivedi, AAPM Member
Lisa A. Sergy, AAPM Member
Romello J. Burdoucci, AAPM Member
Nicole M Barnard, AAPM Member Texas
Paula A Simmons, AAPM Member AT&T E-Business and Technology Manager
Thomas DePaoli, AAPM Member Technology Executive
Amr Hassan Darwish, AAPM Member
Lupe Vasquez, AAPM Member
Eileen P. Harrington, AAPM Member Technology Manager and E-Business Executive Compaq
Shailesh Jain, AAPM Member Ebusiness Executive www.ecatalog.gatech.edu

Certifications Standards

John Roddey, MBA, AAPM Member, Houston, Texas, Marketing Management
Ginger Noah, AAPM Member Website Producer, Harrisburg, Illinois
Darin McAuliffe , AAPM Member, COO www.hotelbookingsolutions.com
Stacy Kalderon, AAPM Member, Baltimore, Maryland
Bart Colisino , AAPM Member, Technology Consultant
Ian Crystal, AAPM Member, Ancient Philosophy, Montreal, Canada
Al Bienvenu , AAPM Member, LA Tech Journal
Tim Williamson, AAPM Member e-Executive Manager
Allen Bell , AAPM Member PR and Marketing Executive, IdeaVillage.org
Ray Manning, AAPM Member Engineering Arch. MS, LA
Evelyn Choumo, AAPM Member Marketing, Los Angeles
Leonard Wainwright , JD, MBA, AAPM Member, Legal & PR, Michigan
Charles Bishop, PhD, AAPM Member Editing and Writing, Boston, MA
Doug Patric, AAPM Member Content Editor Writer, San Antonio
Sam Giberga, JD, AAPM Member, E-Business Law
Charles Babington, AAPM Member
Shawn Johnson, AAPM Member Engineering
Steven Petagna, AAPM Member Louisiana Industrial President Coastal Fire


Honorary Faculty Committee 

Paul Smith, PhD, AAPM Member Education and E-Learning
Mike Vizard , AAPM Member Professional Editing, InfoWorld.Com
Andrea Estevez , AAPM Member E-Learning and Testing/Assessment, Kansas
George Mentz , JD, MBA, AAPM Member, Investment Banking, Baltimore, MD
Michael Smith, MBA, CFP, AAPM Member Financial, Baltimore, MD
Chris Martin, JD, AAPM Member, Legal Arbitration
Steve Martin , AAPM Member, JD , E-Commerce, Texas
Ken Roy, MD, AAPM Member, Human Behavior
Colombo Baldini, AAPM Member, CWMA, Financial, Detroit
Don Bulloch , AAPM Member E-Commerce Specialist and Consultant
Nicole Valencic, AAPM Member Public Relations Marketing, San Francisco
Darrell Dante, AAPM Member Financial
Joel Springer, AAPM Member Recruiting Executive, San Francisco
Richard Marksbury, PhD, AAPM Member Education and Consulting
Ennio R. Senese Neumann, B. Law MSc, MBM, CMC, AAPM Member, Consulting, Netherlands
C. Frederick Mentz, AAPM Member Texas, Florida, Louisiana
Kyle Smith, AAPM Member Midwestern US E-Commerce Consultant
Ron McNutt, AAPM Member Houston, TX E-Commerce & E-Business Manager
Saif-Ur-Rehman, AAPM Member Karachi, Pakistan IISPAK
Professor Lilly Buchwitz - University of New Brunswick Saint John (UNBSJ) E-Business and Commerce faculty
Dr. Charles Davis - University of New Brunswick Saint John (UNBSJ) E-Business and Commerce faculty
Dr. Greg Fleet -University of New Brunswick Saint John (UNBSJ) E-Business and Commerce faculty
Dr. Craig Fleisher - University of New Brunswick Saint John (UNBSJ) E-Business and Commerce faculty
Professor Anu Gupta -University of New Brunswick Saint John (UNBSJ) E-Business and Commerce faculty
Dr. Ping Lan - University of New Brunswick Saint John (UNBSJ) E-Business and Commerce faculty
Dr. Francisco Moro - University of New Brunswick Saint John (UNBSJ) E-Business and Commerce faculty


Global PM Honorary Advisory Board 

Michael Kulivan, Jr., AAPM Member, MBA
Jonathan M. Mercadel, AAPM Member, Los Angeles, CA
Lisa B. Dufrene, AAPM Member Houston, TX, e-Marketing Specialist
Jose M. Rivera, AAPM Member New York, NY eBusiness Consultant
Rick Viana Lisbon, Portugal Web Architect

Competitive Intelligence and Security Committee

Alex Demitrious, AAPM Member Firewall Systems, San Frnacisco and Athens, Greece
Joseph Grace, AAPM Member LA Technology Council
Stephen Burke, AAPM Member
Steven Wilson, AAPM Member
Dr. Kevin Reynolds, CISSP


European and American Standards Committee

Neil Ellul, AAPM Member, UK, E-Commerce Management European E-Commerce Association
Jasper Judd, AAPM Member
James Blackwell, AAPM Member
Paul Bessant, AAPM Member Operations Manager
Roz Green, AAPM Member Web Production Editor
Mike Baines, AAPM Member Head of Business Development
Vinu Srinivasan, AAPM Member Recruiting and Business Development
John Arceneaux, MFA, AAPM Member


Advisory Committee for Political-Legal Environment

Fritz Spiegler, AAPM Member
Adam Williams, CICC, AAPM Member Financial Analyst
Jeff Vain, CPA, AAPM Member Financial Audit
Melody Treece Vargas, AAPM Member
Technical Training and Skills Advisory Board 
Parshuram Mishra, AAPM Member, CIW A.
Webmaster Management 
Justin Gadlage, CWPM Georgia Web Management
Kevin Sullivan, CWPM Atlanta, Georgia Web Management
Donald Wooten, CWPM Georgia Web Management
Ronald Lopes, CWPM Web Management
Todd Neuverth, CWPM Nebraska USA
Jayne Arrington, CWPM California USA
Roberta Hastings Small California
Kyle Smith Oklahoma
Jason Sprague AAPM Member MCMCSE.COM California
Computer Information Systems
Kevin Reynolds, CISSP
Cassandra Terry, AAPM Member
Yi Tao, AAPM Member
Chris Schonberg, AAPM Member
Paul Richter, AAPM Member
Renita Anderson, AAPM Member
Robert Anding, II AAPM Member
Gwen Britton, AAPM Member
Justine Gunday, AAPM Member
Minh Phan, AAPM Member
Vivian Muralles, AAPM Member
John Laughlin, AAPM Member
Vernika Ketchens, AAPM Member
Lorenza Jordan, AAPM Member
Robert Hindman, AAPM Member
Darrell Harrington, AAPM Member
Diana Turcios, AAPM Member
Tonia Williams, AAPM Member
Trina Young, AAPM Member

Associate Members who are not MPM Holders
Edem K. Atatsi Ghana, Africa, MPM Associate
Roger Renfer France, MPM Associate
Sohail Faisal Dar Pakistan, MPM Associate
Shiam Beeharry Rep. of Mauritius
Kamran Hasan Pakistan, MPM Associate
Scott Turton
Jason Atkins
Vijay Kangoni India, MPM Associate
Yvonne Grayson, MPM Associate
Umesh C. Shah, AAPM Member Vienna, Austria, MPM Associate
Sanjay Kshattriya, AAPM Member Hammond LA, MPM Associate
Kevin F. G. Stewart Trinidad & Tobago West Indies, MPM Associate
Joseph Addai Bediako Swaziland, MPM Associate
Mike Diedrichs Boston MA, MPM Associate
Ashraf Adnan Arafeh Jordan, MPM Associate
Kyle Smith Oklahoma, MPM Associate
Dr. Dean MacDonnell South Africa, MPM Associate
Budi F. Akbar Jakarta Indonesia, MPM Associate
Elias Fikany Lebanon, MPM Associate
Mrs. Ojasvi M. Chakradeo , MPM Associate
Izzati Bin Iznan, MPM Associate
Bobby Tan, MPM Associate
David H. Gottlieb, MPM Associate
Yue Yew Meng, MPM Associate
Eyad A H Alrashaid, MPM Associate
Rondel D. Boodram, MPM Associate
Chun Wong, MPM Associate
Maureen Machanich, MPM Associate
Chris Mark, MPM Associate
Raymond Haynes, MPM Associate
John A Archer, MPM Associate
Yasser Salem, MPM Associate
Robert J. Bettermann
David M. Lyons, MPM Associate
Victor A Vega-Lozada, MPM Associate
Chima J Ubani
Andrew E. Heath
Jeanette D. Francis, MPM Associate
Mike James, MPM Associate
Companhia Propria Lda, MPM Associate
Raymond Haynes, MPM Associate
Rick Roberts
JOHN KLIN, MPM Associate
Esther Bolling
Glen Rampersad
Rick Roberts
Kevin Mork, MPM Associate
Clyde E. Forney
Jack M. Schwartz
Deepak Yadav
Joseph Mathew, MPM Associate
Khairi A Rahman
shawki rashid ibrahim
Robert L Jackson
jack m schwartz, MPM Associate
loren D. Volk
Todd G. McKissick
Earl Gripentrog, MPM Associate
michael Dadich
Dennis J. Mulligan
jonathan clark
Eric John Guerin
Jeffrey J. Wang
Jeffrey J. Wang, MPM Associate
Nancy S. Mendoza
Richard Barnett
Mira H. Smith
Prakash Ramlakhan
John Allen Shaw
Li-ching Yang
Kyle J Barton
Constantine Stoios, MPM Associate
derek a dangela
Hassan O. El Nass
David C Lambertson
Gail Wright
Andrew S Lu, MPM Associate
Art Koolwine
Elgin Consulting Group
Elgin Consulting Group
James M Frankowski
David Robert Kennedy
Camille A Gillespie
robert n. panepinto
Paul L. Wildberger VuLan inc.
Gary Harris
Marc Thompson, MPM Associate
Peter C Gilbertson
Michael T. Graves
V. Mamedaliev
Duncan M Campbell
Trevor B. Vollstedt, MPM Associate
Matthew M. Zeller
Li-Ching Yang
Wendell M Raeburn, MPM Associate
Eileen Mulvey
Derek L Stiver
Frank A Putnam III
Frank A Putnam III
Michael L Albright, MPM Associate
Pauline Soeffing
Matthew J. Smith
Said Jawadi
Ernest Smiley
Joe Gallego
Zubair Jaffer
Andrea Shelliann McDonald, MPM Associate
James G. Cardi
James J Forest
Ronald S Brown
M. Ammar Abu-Hejleh
William Hamilton
Robert W. Rice
Robert E Jacobson
robert d church jr, MPM Associate
Ronald K. Weeks
Wadah Al Taha, MPM Associate
Eric W Yocam
David L Corbin, MPM Associate
Derek J Gamlyn
Ozgur Ata
James A Barnes
Steve Murdock
Curtis J Williams
Nidthia P Chelvam
MR SH TARIQ, MPM Associate
Ryan J. Stewart
Anissa B. Balson
Nicole J Elbert
Nicole J Elbert, MPM Associate
Michael W Mulligan
James O. Miller
Ruchira Shukla
M A Sridhar
Mahmood Q. Dahyan
Kamal Y Siddiqi, MPM Associate
Brad Kellock
Michael A. Lasaine
Dennis H. Rees
Matthew B Dickerson, MPM Associate
Saptoyo Soemampauw
Lesley G Bunning
Lois M. Taffar, MPM Associate
James H. Koether
Sean Miller
Frank Y Yuan, MPM Associate
Brian Guanzon
jonathan mercadel
Khalid F. AL-Khateb, MPM Associate
Sami M Barakat
Neven Senek, MPM Associate



AAPM Member™ Master Project Manager is the Worldwide Project Management Credential. The AAPM Member™ certification is the global symbol and designation of Project Management professionalism awarded by The AAPM Member™ Board of Standards. Only those who have skills in Project Management and have at least 3 years of experience and research in Project Management can earn the right to attain the AAPM Member™ Credential. IIPA Founded in 1996 by the International Institute for Professional Analysts, LLC AAPM Member™ has become the only global recognized Graduate Certification for Project Management consulting, advice, and analysis. Around the globe, you can find AAPM Member™ holders as executives, managers, and professors in the business and academic world. 

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